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The Film Club Collection

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The Film Club Collection

Beer and Film – it’s a match made in heaven. That’s why we put together this triple-bill of great Craft Beer flavours from Amsterdam's foremost film fans...

  • The Film Club Collection

Whether you love horror films, thrillers, sci-fi, film noir or even rom-coms – hey, we’re not judging - we’ve got the main feature to make your night at the movies complete. Our Film Club Collection features a triple-header of great Craft Beers from Amsterdam's biggest film fans, Cinema Brewers, including:

King Kong - Larger-than-life Tripel with a 100-foot high banana-and-coconut flavour cos nothing says “giant gorilla’” more than a ton of coconuts and ripe banana yeast!

5 Dollar $hake – Cinema Brewers’s homage to Tarrantino, this creamy Wheat Beer is brewed with red apple, blueberry and vanilla to make “one pretty ******* good shake!”

Big Lebowski – Like its namesake, this Craft Lager is one cool character packed with a mix of easy-drinking malts, lemongrass and citrus tones that really ties it together.

And to give you a 100% AUTHENTIC CINEMA EXPERIENCE, we even included a pack of popcorn and an easy-to-follow caramel sauce recipe.

Just one more thing – we know how much you love beer, but please try to make your Film Club Pack last longer than the opening credits!



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