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Wicked Weed Sours Collection

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Wicked Weed Sours Collection

A selection showcasing six Wicked Weed’s finest Sour Ales, Saisons and Brett Farmhouse Ales

  • Wicked Weed Sours Collection

North Carolina’s Wicked Weed Brewing are one of Craft Beer’s latest Success Stories. Not yet ten years old and this family-run brewery has become a yardstick for brewing superb Sour Ales, as well as range of Stouts, Porters and IPAs. To celebrate their contribution to the world of Craft Brewing, we put together this selection of six superb Sours, Saisons and Brett Farmhouse Ales, each with a distinctly different character. The Wicked Weed Sours Collection features:




Ferme de Chien



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  • Appearance

    Bright gold to deep ruby

  • Aroma

    Sharp, woody, wild, estery, fruity, funky

  • Taste