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The Strong Beer Collection

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The Strong Beer Collection

A collection of beers specially designed for Craft Beer fans who like things a little stronger

  • The Strong Beer Collection

The Strong Beers Collection is a special collection for Beer fans who like their beers with a little more oomph. Big bodied and big on ABV this beer selection pack of 6 beers features:

Uiltje Question of Etiquette – American Barley Wine with a sweet fig and candied fruit notes and a 16% ABV

Founders KBS – An awesome Bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout from one of the USA’s most famous breweries.

Kees Barley Wine Reserva – Another monster Barley Wine with orange and cognac notes. Oh, and 18% ABV!

Samichlaus – With 14% Alcohol this amazing Austrian ale is a beer and a half!

La Débauche Big Boy – A big bodied Imperial Stout with piquant chilli notes

De Molen Bommen & Granaten – An American Barley Wine with sweet mandarin, apple and cherry fruit flavours

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