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Christmas Beers Collection Gift Pack

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Christmas Beers Collection Gift Pack

A Collection featuring 11 classic Christmas beers including Barley Wines, Dubbels and Tripels

  • Christmas Beers Collection Gift Pack
  • Christmas Beers Collection Gift Pack


The Christmas Beers Gift Pack Collection brings together 11 unforgettable Winter Beers including traditional Abbaye beers, and ales from historic breweries and modern Craft Brewers alike, complete with an exclusive Saveur Bière tasting glass and pack. With this beer assortment one thing is for sure: you can get festive whenever the mood takes you…

The Christmas Every Day Collection includes:

Diekirch Christmas - A Winter Ale from Luxembourg full of festive caramel malt, rich spices and dried fruit.

Leffe Noël – A classic Belgian Dark Ale with toasted spicesand sweet toffee malts.

Anchor Our Special Ale 2017 - a creamy American beer with nutty, toasty caramel and coffee flavours.

Birra Del Borgo 25 Dodici - Italian Dark Strong Ale with complex red fruit, grape, plum and citrus notes

Brasserie De Ranke Père Noël - Belgian Winter Ale sweet liquorice and spicy hops tones.

Abbaye des Rocs Spéciale Noël A classic Belgian Christmas Beer with sweet candied fruit and spices.

Kees 24 Hops Before X'mas – A sumptuous Dutch Barley Wine with thick brown sugar sweetnes and hints of coffee and coconut.

Val Dieu Noël – Deep orange Belgian Christmas Beer with smooth toasted malt and plum pudding notes.

Delirium Christmas – Slick, boozy Belgian Ale with ripe grape and plum flavours.

Parisis Noël - A Winter Ale with spiced coffee and dried fruit tones.

Einstock Icelandic Doppelbock – A classic Doppelbock with liquorice and woody notes and hints of chocolate banana.

1 Beeronote tasting notebook

1 Saveur Bière Bottle Opener

2 Beer coasters

1 Saveur Bière 20cl Tasting Glass

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  • Appearance

    Golds and browns

  • Aroma

    Rich fruity malts, candied fruit and Christmas spices

  • Taste

    Sweet, rich, boozy, festive

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