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Our Favourites - December 2018

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Our Favourites - December 2018

Six of our favourite new Craft Beer discoveries hand-picked for you by our Team

  • Our Favourites - December 2018

At Saveur Bière and Hopt we’re always hunting for great new Beer flavours for you. That’s why we regularly put our favourite new discoveries in a single pack for you to enjoy as much as we did!

The Our Favourites Collection for December 2018 features:

Spaten Optimator - a hugely malty Doppelbock full of fruity plum and sweet treacle toffee notes

Lervig House Party – an light Sesson American Pale Ale juicy orange zest and pine notes.

Nómada Ataraxia – Spainsh Strong Ale with ripe fruit and spiced caramel tones.

Founders Curmudgeon's Better Half – A barrel-aged version of Founders superb Curmudgeon Old Ale aged in maple Bourbon barrels

Lupulus Hibernatus – rich, boozy winter beer, with sweet chocolate caramel notes just perfect for lifting your spirits in the depths of winter

Kompaan Bloedbroeder Port Barrels - incredible Imperial Stout aged in Port Wine casks for a rich red wine character

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