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Sour & Wild Ale Collection - 6 Sour Beers

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Sour & Wild Ale Collection - 6 Sour Beers

Six superb Sour Ale beers in one sensational pack

  • Sour & Wild Ale Collection - 6 Sour Beers

Maybe you’re a fan of Sour Ale beers? Maybe you’re curious about the Wild and Brettanomyces yeasts that give this remarkable beer style its unique character? Then this collection of six lip-smacking, sensational Sour Ale beers is just for you! We’ve put together six of our favourite Sour Ales, including:

La Débauche Hazy Diamond – A smooth, creamy beer full of bright passionfruit flavours.

Goose Island Madame Rose – A deeply aromatic Wild Ale brewed with sour cherries and aged in oak barrels for an incredible oak wood flavour

Basqueland Sour Saison – A wonderfully refreshing, sour Farmhouse Ale with mandarin, peach, apricot and mango yoghurt flavours.

Tempest Drop Kick Me Jesus – Brewed with citrusy Amarillo hops, this beer is full of sharp yeast flavours and vibrant yeast notes.

Nomada Revontulet – A superb beer brewed with mouthwatering fresh raspberries.

Cromarty Udder Madness – A sour beer with lively vanilla taste and juicy citrus flavours.

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