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HOPT Tripel pack - 12 classic Triple beers

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HOPT Tripel pack - 12 classic Triple beers

Tripel Craft beer 12 pack: experience one of the world’s most iconic beer styles twelve different ways    

  • HOPT Tripel pack - 12 classic Triple beers

While the name "Triple" first made its appearance in 1958 when the Westmalle brewery called its extra-strong Pale Ale "Tripel" the classic beer style has been around for centuries!

With a malty, spicy, lightly hoppy taste balanced by rounded sweetness and a generous alcohol content, Tripel or Triple is a beer to enjoy slowly!

In honour of the Tripel beer style, HOPT has put together this pack for you, featuring a number of classic Tripel beers - such as Westmalle – as well as less well-known but equally excellent beers to take you on a voyage of discovery into the world of the Tripel.

The HOPT Tripel pack beer pack contains:

- Westmalle Tripel

- Carmelite Triple

- Golden Carolus Triple

- Corsendonk Agnus Tripel

- Chimay Tripel

- La Trappe Tripel

- Maredsous Tripel

- Leffe Triple

- Ginette Triple

- Peter Tripel

- Queue de Charrue Triple

- Abbaye des Rocs Triple

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  • Appearance


  • Aroma

    Fruity, malty, spicy, grainy

  • Taste

    Lightly hopped with fruity malts and a generous alcohol note