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The Fruit Beer Collection

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The Fruit Beer Collection

A perfect introduction to Fruit Ales featuring six juicy, fruity beers 

  • The Fruit Beer Collection

Fruit Beers add a whole new dimension to the world of artisan ales. They were once seen as a beer exclusively for girls, but with a new appreciation for more delicate craft beer flavours, it’s a section of the Craft Beer that ever-increasing numbers of beer enthusiasts, both men and women, are beginning to discover! Discover our unique selection of Fruit Beers now:

Ginette Natural Fruit: Organic Belgian Ale with a soft ruby colour and sweet, jammy forest fruits flavours.

Brewski PearBear: a swedish fruit beer brewed with pear and passion fruits. 

Corne Du Bois Des Pendus Aux Fruits: this red summer beer shows off delicate raspberry and strawberry notes.

Grisette Fruits des Bois: A vibrant Belgian beer with mouthwatering berry notes.

Leffe Ruby: This classic from the iconic Abbaye brewery mixes classic spicy Leffe honey sweetness and juicy red berries

Delirium Red: A strong, gorgeously fruity beer from the legendary Delirium Tremens range

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  • Appearance

    Ruby red

  • Aroma

    Juicy, fruity, mouthwatering

  • Taste

    Fresh, fruity, sweet and spicy

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