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keg 5L Loup Blond

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keg 5L Loup Blond

A richly malted and lightly hopped blonde from Lorraine, France - For use with the Pocket Tap System

3 / 5
  • keg 5L Loup Blond
  • keg 5L Loup Blond
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At 5%, this beer may be relatively light on alcohol, but it is certainly not light on taste. The result of careful brewing by master brewers, Loup Blonde is a honey blonde, richly malted and lightly hopped artisan beer.

The malt flavour comes from rigorous selection of malt varieties and the generous body from the choice of yeast and a long aging process.


NOTE: This Standard Keg features an integrated tap, however for optimum use you will need a Pocket Tap System, available separately.

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  • Keg-use

    With and without dispenser

  • Dispensing tap

    Yes, in front of the keg

  • Keg life

    3 weeks if maintained under pression, else 24 hours

  • Keg with deposit

    No, it can be recycled

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