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La Guillotine 5L IPS Keg

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La Guillotine 5L IPS Keg

A Belgian blond beer that will make you loose your mind, and it comes in its 5L keg!

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4,5 / 5
  • La Guillotine 5L IPS Keg
  • La Guillotine 5L IPS Keg

"BBE* date 10/2019. After this date, the beer is still perfectly drinkable, but may lose some of its flavour or nutritional value. *Best Before End"

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  • Appearance

    Robe d'un blond orangé et une mousse blanche

  • Aroma

    bouquet aromatique très fruité et notes de levures

  • Taste

    Saveurs douces, fruitées et épicées. Alcool discret

  • Keg-use

    Cannot be used in a dispenser

  • Dispensing tap

    Yes, above the keg

  • Keg life

    3 weeks if maintained under pression, else 24 hours

  • Keg with deposit

    No, it can be recycled