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Brew Your Own Beer Kit - IPA + Bottling Kit

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Brew Your Own Beer Kit - IPA + Bottling Kit

Brew 4 litres of authentic IPA full of crisp, citrusy, seductively bitter hops notes

  • Brew Your Own Beer Kit - IPA + Bottling Kit

This comprehensive home brewing solution lets you brew 4 litres of deliciously hoppy IPA beer, and even includes a complete bottling kit.

Brew like a pro, and enjoy a deliciously hoppy India Pale Ale style beer. 

Check out our tutorial video.

 Your beer kit contains all the ingredients and utensils you need to make your brew a success:

 - Detailed brewing instructions

- Spatula

- 5-litre glass demijohn

- Rubber stopper

- Airlock

- Thermometer

- Hydrometer

- Test-tube

- Hop bag

- Anti-sediment bottling tool

- Bottle-brush

- Sachet of disinfectant


The ingredients are vacuum packed for freshness:

- Pale Ale, Cara Blond and Vienna malts

- Columbus, Ahtanum and Chinook hops.

- Safale US-O5 yeast


The bottling kit includes:

- A bottling tool

- Crown caps

- 12 33cl long-neck bottles

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