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Diabolo: Brew 9L of Blonde beer of 8%ABV.


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You would like to brew a sweet blonde beer with a high alcohol volume (8% ABV)? This Breferm Diabolo kit is made for you.

No matter what your brewing kit is, basic or complete, it can be used with all sort of brewing kits.
In order to brew according to the rule book, this kit comes with the hopped malt extract and the yeast you need for brewing.
Good to know: After using your kit, you will ferment your beer in fermentation vats. Once the fermentation process is over, do not forget your capper in order to close your bottles if you want to preserve your beer in the best conditions.
Original gravity: 1.075
ABV: 8%
The original gravity allows you to measure the alcohol content of your beer. 
For a more advanced brewing, we recommend you to start using whole grains!

Strong Blond Beer Kit - Brewferm


  • 15,95 €/units
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    Sturdy packaging
    Free return
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