Kit de bière - Mangrove Jack's Craft Series American Pale Ale Beer Kit

Enjoy 40 pints of malty beer with grapefruit and tropical fruit notes, with Mangrove Jack's Craft Series American Pale Ale <span style=font-weight: bold

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This American Pale Ale beer kit is the eleventh recipe in Mango Jack's Craft Series range. It is surely the easiest way to start brewing your own beer at home.


This concentrated Malt Extract beer kit is owes a lot to the pioneers of craft brewing. A light, refreshing American Pale Ale, with a low alcohol content of 4.4%, Mangrove Jack's Craft Series American Pale Ale gives waves of grapefruit and tropical fruit flavours.  


This kit contains all the ingredients you need to successfully brew 40 pints of beer, you just need to add 33cl or 75cl bottles and caps, and an advanced brewing kit. The brewing kit contains everything you need for brewing, including the fermenter with airlock, hydrometer, thermometer, spatula, etc.

Don't forget the brewing additives required for this recipe: Carbonation drops (or you can prime your bottles with sugar), 600g of dextrose brewing sugar, or 700g of Mangrove Jack's Brew Enhancer or Pure Malt Enhancer.
The final gravity is slightly above 1011 if you use dextrose brewing sugar, or 1015 if you use malt extract.  
Never bottle your beer until you are sure that the fermentation has finished. The safest way to check that the fermentation has finished is to measure the same final gravity (FG) twice over 48 hours

Technical specifications of the Mangrove Jack's Beer Kit : 

- Approximate alcohol content (ABV): 4.4%
- Quantity of beer: 23 litres / 40 pints
- Bitterness: 2.5 to 5

- IBU: 25 to 35
- Colour: Golden blonde.  
- Yeast used: UK Dark Ale. Supplied with kit
Hops for dry-hopping: Mosaic pellets (25g) and Chinook pellets (25g). 
- Ingredients: malt extract, hops pellets, hops extract, brewers yeast. Contains gluten.



How to use your Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Beer Kit:

- Hold the bag steady before cutting the top.

- If you are using the Craft Pouch range, there are 2 sides: the 'dry' side, containing the instructions, the yeast, and any additives (e.g. hops), and the 'wet' side, which contains the malt extract. Remove the dry ingredients. If you are using the traditional Pouch rangethe instructions can be found on the back of the pack, and the yeast will be stuck to the underside of the packaging.

fermenting vessel, then follow the instructions. Unlike with malt extract in cans, you do not need to place the pouch in hot water before pouring.

Squeeze the pouch to ensure it is completely empty and that you have the maximum extract.

pitch the specially selected yeast and leave to ferment.

Mangrove Jack's Craft Series American Pale Ale Beer Kit

Mangrove Jack's

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