Kits de brassage - Complete Brewing Starter Kit Amber Beer

A complete homebrewing starter kit and Amber Beer Concentrate kit to brew and bottle 15 litres of delicious Amber beer.


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You’re a beer enthusiast and you want to brew a delicious Amber beer in the comfort of your own home but you don’t know where to start? Then this easy-to-use Complete Amber Beer Kit, designed specifically for amateur brewers, is exactly what you need.

This kit contains all the equipment you need to complete your project, from fermentation to bottling.

More complete than the Basic or Advanced kits, this set includes an Amber Concentrate Beer Kit and empty beer bottles allowing you to brew and bottle 15 litres of great Amber beer*.

Your kit includes:

-       A 30L brewing bucket without hole

-       A cover (without hole) and a tap for the fermenting vessel

-       A 30L graduated plastic fermenting vessel with hole

-       An airlock and threaded PVC tap

-       A hose to transfer the liquid between containers

-       A thermometer to check the temperature of your brew

-       A hydrometer and test-tube to check the advancement of the fermentation

-       A plastic stirrer

-       A bottle capper with 26mm and 29mm adaptors

-       A bag of 100 26mm gold crown-caps for 25cl or 33cl bottles

-       A bottle brush and a sachet of disinfectant (dose: 4g/litre of hot water for 2 to 5 minutes)

-       A box of 48 33cl bottles

-       An Amber concentrate beer kit

The Amber kit is simple to use to achieve quality results. It consists of a concentrated syrup-like brew to which you add water, and the sugar and yeast included.

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Complete Brewing Starter Kit Amber Beer


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