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"Vive la Belgique" Beer Gift Pack

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"Vive la Belgique" Beer Gift Pack

Enjoy some of Belgium's very finest beers in one exclusive pack

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  • "Vive la Belgique" Beer Gift Pack
  • "Vive la Belgique" Beer Gift Pack

Ask anyone to think of famous Belgians and they'll most likely say Tintin and Agatha Christie's Poirot. Saveur Bière and Hopt have managed to find 11 to show off the very best that the country has to offer. Accompanied by a stylish Saveur Bière Glass, your specially curated Best of Belgium Beer selection includes:

Kwak – Bosteels's iconic Belgian Strong Ale is a symphony of rich caramels and fruity malt tones

Lindemans Kriek – Superb cherry-infused Kriek with all the classic sweet-and-sour hallmarks of the style

Hoegaarden Wit – One of the world's best-selling Wheat beers, Hoegaarden Wit is full of crisp wheat malt and zesty lemon tones

Saison Dupont – Brasserie Dupont's classic Saison is bursting with light hops and malt, and a delicious wild yeast character.

Kasteel Donker  - Rich, dark, majestic Quadrupel with a wealth of plummy, jammy character

Bush Ambrée – Dubuisson's famed Belgian Strong Pale Ale is bursting with warm malt tones and a spicy, yeast profile

Gouden Carolus Classic – This Belgian Strong Dark Ale is packed with imposing toffee malts and warm fruity apple and cherry tones

St Bernardus Prior 8 – Creamy, authentic Belgian Dubbel with a slick, sweet coconut complexity

Leffe Tripel – The Abbaye de Leffe's iconic Tripel, full of spicy cinnamon and clove tones

Chimay Dorée – A light, bright Golden Patersbier, Chimay Dorée offers big mouthfuls of fruity malt

Liefmans Goudenband – Flanders Red Ale with mouthwatering cherry and blackcurrant notes offset by a wonderfully woody character.

And to ensure the optimum tasting experience, your Gift Pack also features a Saveur Bière Bottle Opener, Bar Mat and Glass.

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